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Domain name registration has never been easier

Why Register Domain Names with Best Portal?

It’s simple, reliable, and fast! Long years in the web hosting business allowed us to develop a powerful domain checker tool. With Best Portal, you can register a domain name in less than a few minutes!

Low Price

One of our long-term aims has been to provide the most affordable products. Long years of studying the competition have finally paid back. We are now proud to offer you one of the cheapest domain registration services in the market. Pairing that with the domain checker lets you register the ideal domain both quickly and for the lowest price!

Privacy Protection

By default, the personal details of a registered domain name are accessible via domain ownership database called WHOIS. While large organizations tend to display this information, small bloggers and businesses may feel differently. If you don’t want to show any details, we also offer domain privacy protection services.

All you need to know about domains

What is a domain name?

In simple words, a domain is the name of your website. Domains are closely tied to web hosting, which is is the storage space for website files and data.

A web host is usually a server with an IP address. Since remembering it would be an exhaustive process, this is where domain names come in. Instead of typing the IP address, we can take advantage of DNS to bind a domain and web hosting together. And the final result is a website accessible through a domain on the world wide web.

What is the difference between a domain name and web hosting?

The difference between domain names and web hosting is best understood through a simple comparison. Let’s imagine that the Internet is a big city. In turn, domain names are addresses, while web hosting represents the houses.

To launch a website, you will need both a domain name and a web host. The domain will function as an address, which people will use to find you, whereas web hosting will be the housing for your website files.

What is a TLD?

TLD is short for top-level domain. Every domain name consists of a label (i.e., Hosting24) and a TLD (i.e., .com). Historically, each TLD had a designated purpose. For example:

.gov Used by governmental agencies and entities
.edu Mostly for educational use by colleges and universities
.org Meant for organizations, but currently unrestricted
.com Mainly for commercial use, but currently unrestricted
.net Used for network infrastructures, but now unrestricted.


However, nowadays most of the extensions are unrestricted and can be used for whatever purpose you want. TLDs also branch out into two categories: country-code top-level domains (ccTLD) and generic top-level domains (gTLD).

What domain extension should I choose?

The rule of thumb is to register a .com version of a domain name if available. It is the most popular TLD extension, hence people easily recognize and remember it. However, if you’re targeting the audience of a specific country or location, a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) such as .it; .in; .co or similar may be the better choice. In case you’re unable to find a .com alternative which is not taken, you may try other popular extensions, such as .xyz; .net; .org and similar.